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If ya want to pass by my gallery i won't mind...READY FOR CRAAAAAAP!? ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ then, there is the button watch if ya want. Go ahead ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ~


Mah favorite...stuff...all these stuff are awesome! (From my point of view.)(❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
So...i feel kinda sad about stuff and well, i just wanted to firstly say sorry for my inactivity and all but *sigh* well here i go, i am not trying to catch people attentions or anything that's why this journal hasn't a "boo hoo" Title, all i eant is an opinion so  i want to share something that seems kind of weird for me and if you could give opinions or something it'll be just fine...

Well, went like this

I drew something in my sisters notebook, by now you ask "yeah? Aha? And what's the deal huh?"
Well,i drew something beautiful in there, something i had in mind by sometime and when i did it,(the lineart) it was perfect, I was really happy about it...Eventhought my sister told me more than five times not to draw in that notebook i still did, i don't even know why, maybe because it was the only art notebook that wasn't fully used in the house.
 But later, things got harsh, I was sitting here on my table typing and writng to my friend when she (my sister)  came up really mad with the notebook on her hands and screamed at me for drawing on the notebook yeah, by now fine, so she ripped off the beautiful drawing from the notebook and i thought she will just give it to me for five seconds my face lighted with joy because i thought she would just tear the page and give it to me like she has done before with my poetry and other stuff i write on her notebook because in my inspiration times i write or draw in whatever is near me. But no, not this time, she ripped the drawing in half. But no,  that's not the surprising part oh no, here its the actual deal:  I broke down CRYING i couldn't stop, i felt really hurt because something i put lots of effort in, that i LOVED since the first trace was destroyed in less than TEN. SECONDS. and to top it all she throwed it into the trashcan. And my mom kept saying and saying that "Learned the lesson?" "she told you not to use that notebook, did she or didn't she?" Until she saw that i wasn't stopping my tears.

So, what i want you people to tell me is "Why" i am curious, i don't know why did i just broke down because of a simple drawing. Is it how artists feel when they art is destroyed? 


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Aami Chan
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Just a regular person,woth a regular life,a regular family and a regular passion towards traditional drawing but,currently trying with digital drawings. I don't know what else to put soooo~
ヽ(;▽;)ノ yaaaaay!~

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